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RE: o and c or dc?

I'm sure I've said this before... so this is purposely blunt.

DNs are intended to provide unambiguous naming for THE directory.
Much like, IP addresses and domain names for the THE Internet,
there exists naming plans.   Just as you shouldn't pull IP
addresses and domain names out of your ass (when on the THE
Internet), you should not pull DNs out of your ass when naming
entries in THE directory.  (You can do whatever you want in

On THE directory on THE Internet, the naming plan is to use
DC style naming: an organization uses their registered domain
names to construct the name their subtree.  This plan allows
for interoperation with THE OSI directory, which uses
geopolitical naming based upon registered organization
names. The key word, in both cases, is "registered".

Beyond this, it should be noted that DC naming supports locating
LDAP servers based upon information published in DNS.  This allows
LDAP servers to be more loosely coupled than those using
geopolitical.  Hence, there is good technical reason to favor DC
naming (on the Internet or in private) over geopolitical naming.