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Re: o and c or dc?

In message <CB0BB0012D22D711BAA1000802584EF40259E5E9@it1msg10.italy.glaxo> on Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:28:33 -0000, "Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich" <rv33100@gsk.com> said:

rv33100> actually there are three :
rv33100> *	the traditional style inherited from X.500: such as o=test,c=nl
rv33100> *	the DNS style: o=test.nl
rv33100> *	the domain component style: dc=test,dc=nl

It's the first time I hear about that "DNS style".  What programs
expect that, and is it (more or less) formally documented anywhere?

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