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Re: Problems to authenticate Solaris 9 in OpenLDAP

Hello Andrea

Thanks for the reply.

> make sure that libdb-4.1.so exist and that the linker can use it. Check
> default library path with 'crle' command.

Hell! Yes, that was the problem of the "libdb". Anything in my compilation
failed, but I could fix it setting /var/ld/ld.config using 'crle'. Thanks a

> The system's ldap client doesn't work. You need to install pam_ldap and
> nss_ldap from PADL: http://www.padl.com/Contents/OpenSourceSoftware.html

Hum. I was read about problems using "nss_ldap" and Solaris... well, is
Solaris. I have a few of fear in change one important resource of the
system. Therefore I tried this 'ldapclient' solution.

> I have the same configuration with x86 hardware and works well

Well, it´s very good.
One more time, thanks a lot.