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RE: sasl version mismatch

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> tor, 25.12.2003 kl. 18.49 skrev hesmat@future-group.com:
> > Am  trying to install ldap server on rh9

> > I have used rpm cyrus-sasl-2.1.10-4,plain,devel,md5 same  version
> > With db-4.2.52 , openldap-2.1.25
> > But every time I try to make test
> > It can't connect  with ldap server (test000-rootdse failed)
> > In master.log  I saw salp_sasl_init :sasl version mismatch , got
> > 201000a, wanted 2010011
> >
> > What should I do ?
> Many on this list wouldn't agree with the following, and I
> don't want to
> know about that (too much dissent about it ;) but:
> Compile and configure your own new stuff. Keep your own in /usr/local,
> keep the original stuff in / or /usr and make sure the one doesn't
> conflict with the other by compile-time options and ripping
> out original RH rpms where necessary.

I have no problem with this policy in general, but this is not a direct
solution to the problem at hand. This error message indicates that the
version of the Cyrus SASL shared library that the slapd binary loaded at
runtime is older than the one present when OpenLDAP was compiled. In
particular, the <sasl/sasl.h> file that it found came from Cyrus SASL 2.1.17.
This means this particular person has already gone to the trouble of building
SASL by hand, since RedHat doesn't ship with anything so new. This also means
that the custom-built SASL was already installed somewhere, because OpenLDAP
could not find that <sasl/sasl.h> header otherwise.

So the problem is simply that the dynamic linker configuration doesn't point
to the directory where the 2.1.17 libsasl2.so resides. Fix this by setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or using ldconfig. (Or the 2.1.17 libsasl2.so was
overwritten when the 2.1.10 rpm was installed. Then you obviously just have
to go and put it back.)

This isn't black magic, this is Unix 101. You should know this stuff before
you ever rpm --install anything.

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