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Re: Now OT: RE: stable?

You can't legally download the RHEL AS/ES/WS ISOs without paying Red
Hat.  The ISOs contain non-GPL bits.  You can however download the
source RPMs from their FTP site and recompile 99% of it yourself.


On Fri, Dec 12, 2003 at 02:49:43PM -0600, John Beamon wrote:
> I replied to the author privately, but his address goes to a box that 
> doesn't answer and bounced back to me.  Can somebody tell me where they 
> would download free RH ES3 iso images?  I haven't seen any indication on 
> RH's website that it can be downloaded for free without support.  To the 
> contrary, the "Basic" package is a few hundred dollars, without support, 
> and the "Standard" package is a couple hundred more, with support. 
> Their ftp site doesn't have iso's for this; it's full of only .src.rpms. 
>  If this can be gotten for free, then I'm interested.  Please show me 
> where.

Jason Heiss
PGP key:  http://ofb.net/~jheiss/jheiss.pgp.txt