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Re: Now OT: RE: stable?

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
tor, 11.12.2003 kl. 19.03 skrev James Courtney:

P.S. I'm a HUGE fan of supported software since I find I'm not even close to enough of a genius to know all system level details of any OS I'd be running plus all details of any software we'd run on it (this is a pretty broad set of things for us). The question is will my company pony up for the support:)

Your line goes only 1.3 km past my right margin, this time. Can't be
bothered to follow it.

Download and burn ES3 for free then: Linux à la RedHat is still Linux.
No support, no paper docs, bad conscience. At least it's a far better
long-term bet than RH 9.

ES3 is heavy, far more than 9 is. But it's utterly stable and reliable
(at least, with my 2.6.0-test9 ACPI self-compiled kernel.org kernel it
is); use it for production machines. I killed the standard Openldap
2.0.27 and installed self-compiled 2.1.25 - most of the supporting stuff
for that is standard on ES3.


I replied to the author privately, but his address goes to a box that doesn't answer and bounced back to me. Can somebody tell me where they would download free RH ES3 iso images? I haven't seen any indication on RH's website that it can be downloaded for free without support. To the contrary, the "Basic" package is a few hundred dollars, without support, and the "Standard" package is a couple hundred more, with support. Their ftp site doesn't have iso's for this; it's full of only .src.rpms. If this can be gotten for free, then I'm interested. Please show me where.


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