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Does anyone have a favorite version of Linux and openldap that you use for most of your production systems.  We're in the process of moving from Sparc/Solaris with a proprietary LDAP (Mirapoint) to Intel/Linux with OpenLDAP and our Unix admins have used Linux personally, none of us have used it or OpenLDAP in production before.  We just downloaded RedHat 9, patched it (the kernel from the CDs hangs the OpenLDAP test008-concurrency if not patched I learned after much frustration), and then built OpenLDAP 2.1.22.  Is the combo of RedHat 9 and OpenLDAP 2.1.22 too bleeding edge or should that be fine for an installation authenticating 20,000 plus mail users.  Are there any Linux kernel and or network settings OpenLDAP depends upon that we should set carefully?


James Courtney
InPhonic Inc.
Hayward, CA