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RE: Lunch for the answer: Referral ACL question

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> We're setting up a distributed OpenLDAP service, with a "local"
> root server and a "remote" server for a subtree, but I'm having
> trouble with the ACLs.
> I present ldapsearch -C queries to the local server, and for
> entries held
> in the remote subtree ldapsearch successfully follows the referral.
> It all works fine when both local and remote ACLs have:
>     access to * by * read
> But if I use something more reasonable, like:
>     access to *
>         by users read
>         by anonymous auth
> then the ldapsearch fails (no error msg, just no results).

> Looking at the debug log on the remote server, it appears that
> when I issue ldapsearch -C to the local server, when ldapsearch
> follows the referral it isn't presenting any credentials
> to the remote server ...

That's the way the command line tools work, they always chase referrals
anonymously. It's a security risk to send your password to an unknown server,
and the tools have no way of knowing the difference between a "trusted" and
"untrusted" server.

When you're setting up a cooperative distributed service, back-ldap is a
better solution than using referrals.

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