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Re: high availability referrals


Mike Jackson <jacksonm@isorauta.ntc.nokia.com> writes:

> Hi,
>  I will explain a problem below and hope that somebody here has a good
> solution about high availability of referred DIT namespace portions.
>  So, you can see that a virtual tree is formed via the use of referrals.
> Everything is fine if "ldap-1" dies, since the same referral has been
> replicated to "ldap-2" and "ldap-3" and clients can query those boxes.
>  What happens if "ldap-4" dies? There are two replicas of "ldap-4" waiting
> to service requests, but the referral from the top-level doesn't point to
> them. The virtual tree becomes broken and requires manual intervention to
> "fix" it, e.g.  modifying the referral on "ldap-1" to point to "ldap-5"
> or to "ldap-6".
>  Does somebody know of a more intelligent and automatic method of
> handling this? Replies to list and my email, please :-)

What about DNS round robin and CNAMEs?

ldap-4 IN A
ldap-5 IN A
ldap-6 IN A
ldap-4 IN CNAME ldap-5
ldap-4 IN CNAME ldap-6

If your clients support it, you could create DNS SRV Records as well.


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