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RE: bdb corruption

> Hm, I use 0 <size> 1, since the last parameter is the number of pools you
> want.  I'm not clear what allocating the memory and not assigning it to a
> pool does (it may well work).  As for the size of the cache, db_stat -m
> should give you some information (so should other db_stat -<flags>) to
> help
> you determine what you need to do.  Howard Chu has posted several
> suggestions to the list on how to configure DB_CONFIG in just this last
> month, I suggest searching the list archives on that. :)
> --Quanah

If you specify 0 or 1 segments the pool is allocated in a single pool. 

Also, a good rule of thumb for setting the cache size is that it should be
100% of the database size or 50% of the amount of physical memory installed
on the system, whichever is smaller.

There are some other bdb parameters you should tune, such as the log file
directory (on a different SPINDLE than the db files!), the log file size,
the log file buffer size, and the location of the tmp directory.

Configuring BDB is something that most folks new to OpenLDAP or who haven't
yet used back-bdb fail to do. We even added a sample DB_CONFIG file with
lots of comments to our packaged binaries and the setup instructions
explicitly tell folks to edit the file and place it in their database
directories. I had initially started out writing a shell script, but it
turned out do be a really dumb script, and I thought it made more sense to
have a well-commented sample DB_CONFIG file.


Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
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