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Re: bdb corruption

Figured out that I needed that config file in there while I was *creating* the ldap database from the ldif file.

But once I did that, seems to work fine. Been thrashing it for some time now with no issues.

Thanks for the help guys! And hopefully 4.2 will come out soon so this whole thing is a non-issue.

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Thursday, November 20, 2003 1:55 PM -0800 Matthew Burgoon <openldap-users@temporal.shutdown.com> wrote:

Nope, not currently using a DB_CONFIG. I just created a file %DATA%/DB_CONFIG with the following entry:

set_cachesize   0       52428800        0

My resident memory size is no larger than 26 megs, so if that's the right
thing to base it on, I should be good. But the actual storage size
(especially for the attributes I'm indexing) is around 90 megs, so is
that the value I should be basing it on?

Hm, I use 0 <size> 1, since the last parameter is the number of pools you want. I'm not clear what allocating the memory and not assigning it to a pool does (it may well work). As for the size of the cache, db_stat -m should give you some information (so should other db_stat -<flags>) to help you determine what you need to do. Howard Chu has posted several suggestions to the list on how to configure DB_CONFIG in just this last month, I suggest searching the list archives on that. :)


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