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RE: Concurrent connections

Thanks Howard.
	After further thought, I realized I didn't fully understand how it works.
How is the threads setting used then?  Once a new socket is established the main server thread must hand off management of the endpoint of that connection to another thread right?  For a thread to use a socket for multiple requests it must remain bound to that socket and thus wouldn't the size of the thread pool dictate how many persistent socket connections could be openend simultaneously to the LDAP server?  Once the socket is destroyed then the thread can go back to the pool but until then something has to serve as the endpoint for that socket I would think.  Is there one thread assigned per socket regardless of the threads parameter and another thread pool of the size of the threads setting used to actually process the requests?



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> How does one configure the number of concurrent connections 
> that OpenLDAP will handle.  I see various config options like
> conn_max_pending
> conn_max_pending_auth
> sockbuf_max_incoming
> sockbuf_max_incoming_auth
> threads
> The conn_max_pending settings make sense to me but I'm not 
> sure of the meaning of the sockbuf_max_incoming.  I've 
> perused the manpage on slapd.conf and I don't know what the 
> "LDAP PDU" is.

PDU = "Protocol Data Unit". The sockbuf_max_incoming parameter controls the maximum size of a single incoming LDAP request. This parameter is most likely to affect LDAPAdd and LDAPModify requests when a client sends attributes that have very large values.

> As for the threads setting.  I assume that it doesn't bind 
> one thread per somewhat persistent socket connection does it?

No, it doesn't.

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