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Re: address book getting "LDAP Protocol Error" [FIXED]

John Beamon wrote:
I just got a 2.1.22 server working in an remote location. From this desktop (Linux), I can successfully execute ldapsearch for my account against it. When I add it as a directory server to Thunderbird and search for my account, it comes back silently with no results. When Outlook users on our network attempt to sync Outlook's copy of the address book against this server, they get a popup reading "LDAP Protocol Error" and labeled "Messageware Address Book".

What's the difference between Thunderbird's request for my account and ldapsearch's request for my account? I even changed my /etc/ldap.conf to point to that box instead of our usual directory, restarted nscd, and ran 'id jbeamon' successfully. It's not confined to just ldapsearch or just pam_ldap. It almost appears to be an email client issue, and I'm completely stumped.

I didn't hear back from anyone publicly or privately, so I thought I would post this for public record. Our Outlook users have a plugin to talk to ordinary LDAP servers. That plugin, and the Mozilla Thunderbird LDAP connector, both talk LDAP v.2. OpenLDAP-2.1.22 did not listen on v.2 by default. Running 'ldapsearch -P 2' displayed the same protocol error. Adding "allow bind_v2" to slapd.conf and restarting fixed it for all parties concerned.


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