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RE: please help with failing test001-slapadd

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> Hello list,
> I am new to OpenLDAP and am trying to install the stable
> release 2.1.22
> on my WinXP box, with Cygwin (including latest versions of BerkeleyDB
> (4.1) and OpenSSL (0.9.7c) ).
> 'configure', 'make depend', and 'make' seem to work fine.
> 'make test' results in an error on the second test:
> slapadd: could not add entry dn="o=University of Michigan,c=US"
> (line=18): txn_b
> egin failed: Invalid argument (22)
> slapadd failed (1)!
>  >>>>> ./scripts/test001-slapadd failed (exit 1)
> (full test log below)
> I searched the mailing list archives and the faq-o-matic, but did not
> encounter a similar problem with solution.
> The hint to read 'master.log' would not help as 'master.log' is not
> accessible when slapd is running (and it disappears as soon
> as slapd is killed).

master.log is not removed at the end of the test, that would make it totally
useless. In your case it hasn't been created yet. master.log is created when
slapd runs, but your test is failing before that, in the invocation of

> Any help is greatly appreciated! If necessary I will be happy
> to provide more details on my setup.

Run the slapadd command by hand, with debugging enabled, and see what it's
doing. In a MinGW  build (which is what I prefer for efficiency reasons) the
most common reason for problems is that forward slashes in all of the test
config files need to be replaced with back slashes. A similar issue probably
exists for Cygwin; even though Cygwin and Windows accept forward slashes, the
OpenLDAP code expects backslashes when it's compiled on Windows.

The slapadd command that test001 invokes is:
  ../servers/slapd/tools/slapadd -f test-db/slapd.conf -l

Add "-d7" (or some other debug level) to the above and see what messages you

Meanwhile, you can utter a curse against whichever genius decided to copy
Unix's hierarchical filesystem for MSDOS 2.11 but thought that backslashes
made more sense than forward slashes for path separators...

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