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RE: Split attributes across servers

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> Hi,
> We'd like to have two servers, each containing part of the
> attributes of a given dn.  For example,
> for a given dn: uid=babs,ou=people,dc=example,dc=org
> the server: ldap://public_server
> would contain the public info for babs, say:  uid, sn, cn, title
> and the server: ldap://secure_server
> would contain the private info for babs, say: homePhone, jpegPhoto
> We want some users only to see the public info,
> which is easy with the standard LDAP auth mechanisms.
> But we want other users to see ALL the attributes,
> public and secure, as a single integrated record.
> Is there a way to integrate these two servers so they
> could return a single record with ALL the attributes?

The function you want is usually a feature of a meta-directory service. This
feature is not currently present in OpenLDAP.

> The reason is that different institutions will host the
> servers, and the secure server folks don't want to manage the
> public info, and the public server folks don't want to know
> the secure info.

> Is there a way to do this?  I read over the the docs on slurpd,
> but didn't see one.

In OpenLDAP 2.2 a read-only service can easily be created by overlaying
back-ldap on top of a local database backend (or another back-ldap instance,
for that matter). The overlay would issue any received search requests to
both the underlying backends and merge the results before sending them to the
client. Supporting writes/updates would require a bit more work, defining the
schema elements that are contributed by each partition. Note - no such
overlay code exists at the moment, but it wouldn't take much effort to write

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