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Re: Access control replication

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 10:52:22AM +0000, Peter Clarke wrote:

> From reading the documentation, I see that the database gets replicated 
> but what about the access controls in slapd.conf? How do these get 
> replicated?
> Basically if an access control is changed or created does this get 
> replicated?

slapd.conf does not get replicated unless you take some specific
action to make that happen. OpenLDAP does not provide such a mechanism
itself: you could consider rsync or similar, but do be aware that the
master and slave copies of slapd.conf need to be different. One option
is to build master and slave versions from a common source using an
include/macro processor.

You will need to restart slapd whenever slapd.conf changes.

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