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Re: Intro and question

Thanks for the suggestion - the idea of "faking it" with symlinks did occur to me, but I'm looking specifically for a solution to the "join" idea, instead of client side hacks.


Bedo Sandor wrote:

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 08:32:59PM -0800, Steve Chan wrote:

We'd like to have information like usernames, uids, GECOS and password
hashes common across all systems. But home directory, path to shells and
default GID's will be different.

On unix like systems you can create symblic links to the shell and home directories.

/bin/loginshell -> /bin/sh or /bin/bash or /bin/zsh or
			/usr/local/bin/*sh ...

so you have to fill loginShell attribute with "/bin/loginshell" in
the central LDAP.  Home directories are bit more difficult.  If
you have for example /home/$U/$USERNAME like pathes -- $U can be
the firs few character of the username (let it be 1 now) -- on
some systems, you may use /h/$U/$USERNAME in the central LDAP, and
have a /h symlink to the root of your home directory tree.

/h -> ../home

On systems, that have no home directory hashes:

/h -> ../home
/home/a -> .
/home/g -> .
/home/j -> .

This is not really an out-of-the-box answer, but needs litle
effort to make it work.