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Re: Problems executing slapd on different box.


I already had tryed that yesterday and it didn't work. I supposed i can place ucdata-path on any place at the beginig of slapd.conf file.
slapd.conf, down argsfile directive:
ucdata-path     /u06/home/sofficer/share/openldap/ucdata
truss -f ./libexec/slapd -f /u06/home/sofficer/etc/openldap/slapd.conf -h "ldap://reunidas:9999":
22914:  close(9)                                        = 0
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/ctype.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/case.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/decomp.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/cmbcl.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/num.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/comp.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  open("/home/sgonzale/share/openldap/ucdata/kdecomp.dat", O_RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT
22914:  fstat(4, 0xFFBEF570)                            = 0
By the way, Connexitor's binaries has ACI enabled?


Matthew Hardin wrote:
There is one other alternative to using our binaries- You can add a
directive to your slapd.conf file that points slapd to the Unicode data
files. Here's the relevant excerpt from slapd.conf.5:

ucdata-path <path>
              Specify  the  path  to the directory containing the
              Unicode  character  tables.  [...].

Hope this helps...

Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP software:

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Thanks Greg,

I try it and happens the same.

Now I'll try Matthew's suggestion, if it's no cost indeed.

Any other suggestions.