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Re: slapd and checkpoint

where is the checkpoint directive documented? I cant find it in the man
pages or the admin guide, what is the syntax, should it be in the
database section, or should I use db_checkpoint in DB_CONFIG?


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 16:21, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> slapd by default checkpoints when it is stopped.  However, if it crashes it 
> won't checkpoint.  I highly suggest using the "checkpoint" directive in 
> slapd.conf to have it periodically checkpoint the database while it is 
> running, so that in the case of a crash, slapd has been recently 
> checkpointed.  It also speeds up shutdown time, as there is less for slapd 
> to checkpoint at that time.  Running db_recover at startup can have other 
> issues (it used to be the standard practice in slapd, but that was later 
> removed).
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