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Re: chaining replication to setup a delta backup scheme

--On Tuesday, November 11, 2003 5:55 PM -0500 james liang <blueyonder@excite.com> wrote:


Is it possible to have openldap replicate in the following manner?
diagram 1:
A -> B -> C

The reason for this configuration is that I am thinking about building a
system with a hot standby and an online delta backup by leveraging
openldap's replication capability.

The way this works is this.
A will constantly replicate to B.  If A goes down B will take it's place.

B will have replication turn on but slurpd TURN OFF.  This way, the
replication log will grow throughout the day.

At mid night, a cron job will copy the replication log from B to C and
name it with today's date.  In addition, the cron job will also apply the
replication log from N days ago to the slapd running on C.  In other
words, the slapd on C is N days behind and there are N number of
replication log file.  Each replication log file contains the change
delta of one day.

In the above system:
A - primary
B - standby
C - N day delta backup

Why not just export the master's database once a day, if all you care about are the last day's changes? and have B&C be replica's of A?


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