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Re: slapadd filching memory

> Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave the 
> data loaded for now to do some development. I'll try more cache values 
> next time I rebuild the database.
> In my testing for this and other problems I tried 2, 4, 8, and 16 Mb. 
> I'm happy to boost efficiency anywhere, but my systems spend more time 
> as a server than in loading data, so I'd prefer to tailor the cache 
> settings to a live profile. I'll only be loading this data this big 
> every so often, and I'm just as happy to cut it into chunks. What I'm 
> more concerned about is the memory staying gone...

You can change the DB cache size after loading data.

run db_recover
change cache size setting in DB_CONFIG
run slapd

- Jong