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Re: Support for swedish characters

Mikael Grehn writes:
> I  discovered that openLdap 2.1.22 refuses to perform operations on 
> entries with DN containg swedish characters åäöÅÄÖé,è,È,É. This probably 
> goes for all attributetypes and values aswell. It is absolutely 
> necessary to be able to use swedish characters in our LDAP support.
> I checked the list archives and some questions concerning this matter 
> could be found, but no configuration-wise answers...only recommendations 
> to use perl-skript on ldif files to convert foreign characters to UTF8 
> BEFORE using openldap.
> This is not possible for our support.

LDAP _defines_ most string types to be stored as UTF-8.  If it's not
possible for you to do that, then it's not possible for you to use LDAP
for this purpose.

Why can't you translate your characters to UTF-8 when storing, and back
to latin-1 or whatever when retrieving your data?