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Re: Searches failing weird

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 01:55:48AM +0800, Chris Hamilton wrote:

> I have been having a heck of a time getting simple searches to work.  For a
> while the only search I seemed to be able to do is just a unfiltered search
> that brings back the whole tree.
> However, I have since found a search I can do:
> ldapsearch -b o=top -h localhost "(cn=*ris*)" mail
> Results in:
> # chris@ambigc.com, People, Ambiguous Computer Company Ltd, top
> dn: cn=chris@ambigc.com,ou=People,o=Ambiguous Computer Company Ltd,o=top
> mail: chris@ambigc.com
> (cn=c*) works
> (cn=*chr*) works
> However, searches for (cn=ch), (cn=chris*), (cn=chr*), and (cn=chris@ambigc.com)
> fail to bring back results. So it appears to only be able to search for 3
> characters and only between * and * and the first letter plus *.

I would suspect corrupt index files (or possibly indexes that are not
correctly configured). Try this:

	Shut down slapd
	Run slapindex
	Start Slapd

If you still have trouble, you should post your slapd.conf file and
indicate what version of OpenLDAP you are using.

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