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Re: slapd refuses to die

--On Friday, November 07, 2003 3:14 AM -0500 james liang <blueyonder@excite.com> wrote:


I am running openldap 2.1.22 on a redhat 8 box with replication turn on.
sometimes when i tried to stop slapd by doing: kill -HUP <pid>, the slapd
refuses to die.  I ended up having to do kill -9.  Unfortunately when i
do kill -9, the bdb database sometime gets corrupted in the process.

Any reason why a normal kill -HUP doesn't work consistently?  I did
verifed that there are no other clients apps using the slapd before I
tired to kill it.  I would like to avoid kill -9 since I have corrupted
the bdb before.

I always do a kill -INT. Note that when you tell slapd to shut down, it will checkpoint the BDB database. If you don't have checkpointing set in slapd.conf, and you have had a lot of changes, it may take a while for slapd to stop. You could also truss the process to see if it is doing anything or not.


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