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RE: Concurrent connections

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> How does one configure the number of concurrent connections 
> that OpenLDAP will handle.  I see various config options like
> conn_max_pending
> conn_max_pending_auth
> sockbuf_max_incoming
> sockbuf_max_incoming_auth
> threads
> The conn_max_pending settings make sense to me but I'm not 
> sure of the meaning of the sockbuf_max_incoming.  I've 
> perused the manpage on slapd.conf and I don't know what the 
> "LDAP PDU" is.

PDU = "Protocol Data Unit". The sockbuf_max_incoming parameter controls the
maximum size of a single incoming LDAP request. This parameter is most likely
to affect LDAPAdd and LDAPModify requests when a client sends attributes that
have very large values.

> As for the threads setting.  I assume that it doesn't bind 
> one thread per somewhat persistent socket connection does it?

No, it doesn't.

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