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Concurrent connections

How does one configure the number of concurrent connections that OpenLDAP will handle.  I see various config options like


The conn_max_pending settings make sense to me but I'm not sure of the meaning of the sockbuf_max_incoming.  I've perused the manpage on slapd.conf and I don't know what the "LDAP PDU" is.

As for the threads setting.  I assume that it doesn't bind one thread per somewhat persistent socket connection does it?  That would somewhat defeat the use of a thread pool.  If it does this I'd love to know as I know I probably get > 16 conncurrent requests from time to time.  I'm only running a dual CPU box (Hyperthreading actually so not even really dual) so I can't imaging needing > 16 threads (or even that many) with a properly managed thread pool.

Many thanks!

James Courtney
InPhonic, Inc.