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Re: Bash+LDAP

> I have some basic directory that contain users/customers/dns/email
> information of our customers,
> I want to build a bash script (using dialog for interactive menus) to
> add/delete/modify information on the ldap,
> For adding functionality, I can construct on the fly LDIF files and
> add information through ldapadd,
> The problem is about modifying/delete. 
> Is that possible to get a list of entries from the directory (by
> seeking specific parameters) and return them as variables(or arrays)
> on shell script such as BASH? Or this is too complex and maybe I
> should move to more advanced script languages?

I'd strongly recommend you take a look at Perl or Python.  This is going
to be tough to do via a pure shell script.  ldapsearch may return error
messages, uuencoded values, etc... which may make your shell script go
wonky.  The LDAP extensions in Perl/Python will handle these occurances
for you (more or less).