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RE: Replication between different OS

I did both;  I have a feeling theyre using different db libraries, so the
file copy wont work.  When I did the LDIF export, I didn't stop the master
LDAP server first, so that's probably why it wasn't replicating.  I plan to
try that today.  When I imported the LDIF file, the database worked but the
replication didn't work (no updates were applied).


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have you done a slapcat on your linux machine(s) and integrated the db
with slapadd on your FreeBSD? or have you just copied the database files?


Andre Fortin wrote:

>I currently have 4 RedHat Linux machines running openldap, and replication
>is working fine.  I've added a FreeBSD server and installed openldap, with
>the same schema files and config files.  When I start up slapd, it doesn't
>give any errors.  Upon any query, it returns this error:
>Oct 24 13:58:31 slb-mail3 slapd[61499]: <= ldbm_cache_open NULL
>"/usr/local/var/openldap-ldbm/dn2id.dbb" errno=79 reason="Inappropriate
>type or format")
>Is this because the databases are written differently on Linux than
>Or am I missing something?  If they're not meant to run together, I'll just
>revert to linux again..
>All servers are running OpenLDAP 2.0.27.
>I have done a slapcat export and imported it into the FreeBSD server, and
>that's fine, but the replication doesn't seem to be even trying to take
>place.. This is probably because it's not an exact replica of the
>Is there any way to get this working?  Thanks in advance,
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