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Re: Problems building OpenLDAP

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 09:20:27PM +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> >You're not finding header files. For some reason that I've never seen
> >before, your C compiler is not finding its own header files.
> Bummer! Howard was right, of course.

Yup, and with that bogus library terminated with extreme prejudice,
everything's building right off, no problem, and I have OpenLDAP

Unfortunately, what I wanted to do with it was single-sign-on, using
OpenLDAP as a single authentication source, and it's becoming apparent
that I can't do that without PAM.  This isn't a problem on my Solaris 9
boxen, but the Linux boxen are all Slackware, and Slackware does not
have PAM support.

So . . . does anyone here know of a way to do this on Linux solely with
NSS, without using PAM?  Alternately, has anyone here retrofitted
Slackware with PAM?

> By the way, RedHat's withdrawing 
> 9.0. Only existing stocks will be sold. A new server version, with a new 
> payment method - subscription has been announced. Suddenly RedHat's very 
> expensive.

*sigh*  Those of us in the know have been referring to Red Hat as "the
Microsoft of open source" for some time now....  things like this are
part of the reason why.

I'll leave it at that, as further discussion would be off-topic.

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