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Re: Problem with connecting via SSL from remote host

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 09:35:36AM -0700, Dylan Martin wrote:

> Maybe your SSL is working and it's something bind related that's causing
> trouble.  Can you try simplifying the bind process to take it out of the
> equation?  Set up for and try an anonymous bind, for example?  Can you
> connect the regular ldap port and turn on TLS?

I tried an anonymous bind and, as before, it failed from the remote host
using LDAPS with "Can't contact LDAP server".

However, when I tried to turn on TLS on an existing connection (with
"ldapsearch -H ldap://halcyon.ox.icnet.uk/ -x -Z", I got a meaningful
error message - "ldapsearch: not compiled with TLS support". Stupidly,
I'd forgotten that the LDAP utilities in Debian/stable are not
TLS-enabled by default, since I'm using the unstable branch on the
machine that's running the server...

So the problem is with my stupidity, although I'd point out that the
error message is less than helpful. I'd normally not even admit to this,
but I'd like it to go into the archives in case somebody makes the same
mistake as me ;)

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