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Re: Looking for proven version

Tuesday, October 21, 2003, 8:15:36 PM, Szabo wrote:

> Helo! 
> My configuration:
> Openldap-2.1.22, qmail-ldap, POP3, webmail, about 1k users.
how many concurent user?
in my site concurent user up to 150 because their mail client are are
auto checking every 5 min or less, using pop/imap over ssl and smtp
auth over ssl too.

> The mail and LDAP system on different box (Debian Woody). 

I'm willing to try another distribution or older version of RH/OL if

> LDAP: 128 MB RAM, P III 500 MHz
> mail: 256 MB RAM, P III 500 MHz 

> There are no performance problems.
> But the most important: run the LDAP server on different machine. 

I never try this before, i'll give it a try when i think its a good
May i know the reason? afaik using local ldap will be faster.
slapd cpu utilisation is not so high to be spread to other server, less than 20% because i remove all
ACL and all unecessary binding (before was 80-90% constantly).

> Nandor Szabo