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RE: slapindex utility and selective indexing

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I am trying to determine the most time efficient way possible
to add a new index to a sizable database (4Million+ entries).
 Re-indexing all existing indices plus the new index is going
to be very time consuming.

Seems that an obvious choice would be not to re-indexing all
indices defined in my slapd.conf file, but to selectively
choose the index.  I am thinking that if I create a custom
slapd.conf with only the index of interest defined, then the
slapindex utility using the -f <file> option will attempt to
re-index that specific attribute.

Can this approach be performed without compromising the
database or current indices?  I want to make sure that there
are no dependencies between index files.

As long as slapd is stopped, you can do this. slapindex is additive only, it does not delete any existing information. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the attributes configured for indexing and the index files in the database. If you only configure indexing on a subset of attributes, that's all that slapindex will touch.


I will note that there are separate issues using slapindex, that generally require the use of a memory cache or 3 hard drives to make it an effective method to pursue. You may wish to to read the discussion on ITS#2499.


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