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RE: slapindex utility and selective indexing

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> I am trying to determine the most time efficient way possible
> to add a new index to a sizable database (4Million+ entries).
>  Re-indexing all existing indices plus the new index is going
> to be very time consuming.

> Seems that an obvious choice would be not to re-indexing all
> indices defined in my slapd.conf file, but to selectively
> choose the index.  I am thinking that if I create a custom
> slapd.conf with only the index of interest defined, then the
> slapindex utility using the -f <file> option will attempt to
> re-index that specific attribute.

> Can this approach be performed without compromising the
> database or current indices?  I want to make sure that there
> are no dependencies between index files.

As long as slapd is stopped, you can do this. slapindex is additive only, it
does not delete any existing information. There is a one-to-one
correspondence between the attributes configured for indexing and the index
files in the database. If you only configure indexing on a subset of
attributes, that's all that slapindex will touch.

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