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RE: Can slave forward a modify request to the Master ?

> > Hi All
> > I still struggle with my Master Slave replicas. I looks that the
> > applications
> > I use are not able to deal with the updateref the received
> > from the slaver server.
> > E.g PHPLdapAdmin throw a error my Horde Adressbook (Turba) seems to
> > make nothing.
> Your applications may need some fixing then, since this is a pretty normal
> occurrence.
> > Is it possible the the slave replica acts as proxy for the
> > client. Instead returning
> > the updateref it can proward the request and the return the result ?
> There's no function to do this in OpenLDAP 2.1. There is in OpenLDAP 
> 2.2.

How I can make this in OpenLDAP 2.2? Need to use the ldap or meta backends?

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