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RE: rewrite a login into a dn in simple bind

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> Hm, to be more specific, I know you can replicate a subtree
> in 2.1... I'm
> think more, you can't limit to specific attributes in a
> subtree -- Like
> just uid, which is what he wants, out of an unknown number of
> attributes.
> Our account tree has many, including uid.  So, with 2.2, it
> is possible to
> replicate just particular attributes of a given tree to a replica. :)

Are you forgetting the "attr" option in the 2.1 replica clause?

And to tie this back to the original question - you can certainly point your
clients at a back-ldap that has been configured with the info it needs to
bind to the real directory. Of course, if the back-ldap allows anonymous
clients to query it, this isn't any more secure than before. It's even worse,
actually, and your traffic is still in the clear instead of encrypted...

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