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back-bdb cachesize and DB_CONFIG set_cachesize

Hey all,
	How is the cachesize configuration option used for OpenLDAP?  My current user database has 20,000 users each with additional sub-dn's for probably about 50,000 actual dn's.  Does this mean that a cachesize of 50,000 would store all of my dn's in memory?  Is the whole object stored or just specific attributes and/or indexes?  Is cachesize relative to a particular connection (session) or index or just simply the number of objects which will be cached by the OpenLDAP.  What causes an object to be removed from cache?  If an object is queried for using a different attribute and different index is the one in memory searched or is a new one loaded from disk first?

Also, how do I set the Berkeley DB set_cachesize parameter as I can see no DB_CONFIG file for my DB 4.1?  I did a RedHat RPM install so I don't know what the BDB home directory is.  I suspect that OpenLDAP passes it to the BDB subsystem using the DB_ENV->open call but what is it set to?