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Possible to iterate over all records?

I'm trying to populate and synchronize an OpenLDAP directory from data
in our existing LDAP-accessible X.500 directory.  I can only get a
limited amount of result entries in response to a query like

       ldapsearch -h ldap500.hq.nasa.gov '(uid=*)' uid

which is not surprising: X.500's LDAP interface doesn't want me
sucking down all its CPU while I harvest information.

Is it possible to change the limits in the number of results offered
based on an authenticated connection -- like I do with attribute/value
access based on ACLs? (I understand our X.500/LDAP product will be
different than OpenLDAP but expect such a feature would have an analog).

Alternately, is it possible to iterate over every entry, like one
would with a relational database resultset using some kind of
get_next($resultset) operation?   I haven't seen anything like this in
the docs I've read, and it kinda makes no sense in a pure directory
context.  If such a thing existed, it would make my life a lot easier,
so I'm grasping at straws.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.