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Re: Pb to restart Openldap

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 02:18:50PM +0200, Walter Vendraminetto wrote:
> Then I used slapcat to extract database information to a ldif file, 
> saved db files,deleted them from original position and 
> performed a slapadd -l <ldif_file>.
> The server restarted to work correctly.

I had to do something similar one of these days with a 2.0.x installation.
But in that case, slapcat didn't work, it looped when the corrupted entry
was found. In my case, the only tool that worked to perform a dump-like
operation was ldapsearch, it didn't choked on the corrupted entry and
seemed to get me the whole database intact. I then also removed the old
database files and reinserted the ldif file obtained via ldapsearch.