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Multiple Search Paths

This is probably a quick & simple one.
I need to set up multiple search paths for user accounts.
I have several departments in my DIT that could contain department only accounts, as well as a general user base. So for any given user (within a domain), I need to do two searches (for login authentication).

My main user base is in (for example):


With department specific accounts in:


The same condition exists with the groups, etc..

I can't seem to see both of them for login authentication from the client. In my client (Redhat 9) ldap.conf, I have:

# The distinguished name of the search base.
base dc=eng,dc=mlb,dc=ldap-test,dc=com


nss_base_passwd         ou=People,dc=ldap-test,dc=com

On Solaris, I can specify more than one search path. How do you do that with Linux?

Thank you!