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Re: Serious issues with DBs


On Friday 26 September 2003 18:15, Lon Tierney wrote:
> I have been working around the other issues I have been asking about
> recently but I am now at a point where I can no longer work around -
> for some reason my DB entries disappear between restarts of the server.
> This is suggesting to me that there is some issue with either OpenLDAP
> or gdbm?
> To recap, the issues I am seeing are:
> 1) When creating roots via LDAP, every other one fails with an error
> that the nextid.gdbm is not available
>        Workaround - run the ldif twice at bootstrap time
> 2) Upon restart, random roots are not present when the server starts
> up, and no error messages are spit out by the server. 'ldapsearch'
> responds with "No such object"
> 	Symptoms:
> 		a) DB is no longer present after restart - search debug spits out "<=
> dn2id NOID"
> 		b) Some roots are not there for first search, but 'appear' on later
> searches
> 		c) Running the LDIF again to add the root succeeds and the root is
> added, but any sub-objects are gone
> 	Workaround - none so far
> I am running 2.1.22 on Debian-based system. It is compiled with ldbm
> versus BDB for "more stability". I have been stopping the server with a
> 'kill -INT <pid>' where the "pid" is the pid in the slapd.pid file. It
> also happen when I start the server with the -d option and kill it with
> a Ctrl-C.
> Has anyone else experienced these issues, or anything like this?

Have you tried building openLDAP with another db package than gdbm ?

I use Sleepycat's db package (version 4.1.25+patch) for my ldbm backends 
without a problem (5 databases, largest is ~50.000 objects)


Peter Marschall
eMail: peter@adpm.de