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Serious issues with DBs

I have been working around the other issues I have been asking about recently but I am now at a point where I can no longer work around - for some reason my DB entries disappear between restarts of the server. This is suggesting to me that there is some issue with either OpenLDAP or gdbm?

To recap, the issues I am seeing are:
1) When creating roots via LDAP, every other one fails with an error that the nextid.gdbm is not available
Workaround - run the ldif twice at bootstrap time

2) Upon restart, random roots are not present when the server starts up, and no error messages are spit out by the server. 'ldapsearch' responds with "No such object"
a) DB is no longer present after restart - search debug spits out "<= dn2id NOID"
b) Some roots are not there for first search, but 'appear' on later searches
c) Running the LDIF again to add the root succeeds and the root is added, but any sub-objects are gone
Workaround - none so far

I am running 2.1.22 on Debian-based system. It is compiled with ldbm versus BDB for "more stability". I have been stopping the server with a 'kill -INT <pid>' where the "pid" is the pid in the slapd.pid file. It also happen when I start the server with the -d option and kill it with a Ctrl-C.

Has anyone else experienced these issues, or anything like this?