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Re: Tool to visualise ACL's

Ace Suares wrote:

Has anyone come up with a tool to visually represent the access a certain user has to parts of the tree ?

I Googled for 'ACL viewer' but found only something that displays access to objects on MS Widows.

I have some ideas but if anyone already know of such a tool, I'd be glad to hear it.

It would certainly be nice, to say the least. My best bet for this up to now is to use GQ for trying things out in one desktop window, whilst I try out slapd.access rules in one xterm, use another xterm to tail -f slapd.log and in yet another xterm stop and start slapd. Not the best of methods.

Why does an old stager like yourself do:

References: <PHEKJLKKDLGCAEJLJPHMCEJMCBAA.douglas@gpc.edu>



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