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"static" dbuser and dbpassword in back-sql ?

 As I understand from  man slapd-sql, the RDBMs username and password 
 must be explicitely be specified in slapd.conf or odbc.ini. 
 Therefore these credentials  are static. i.e, regardless of who 
 connects to the  LDAP Server, it's always the same user/password 
 combination  that is passed to the RDBMs via ODBC.
 First question: did I get this right, or did I miss something important?

 For use in some kind of "virtual directory" it seems to be 
 a nice feature, if username an password to be passed to the 
 RDBMs could be derived from Bind-DN and password that were 
 originally passed to the LDAP Server. 

 Second and third question  (only valid if I was right with my
 guess in qustion #1):

 Are there good reasons why these credentials should be static? 
 How do other virual/metadirectory products handle this?