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Re: scope: global and local stuff in openldap


Andreas <andreas@conectiva.com.br> writes:

> I have a scope problem with openldap. It's sort of a directory
> design problem in a way, not very specific to openldap, but
> perhaps openldap has something (or lacks something) to make this
> work.
> I have a situation where there are several offices far away 
> interconnected with WAN links. These offices have local users which
> I don't mind if they are only seen within the office scope. But there
> is a class of users which should be global: every office should be
> able to see them. How could I setup this scenario without taxing
> the WAN link too much?
> These global users would/could be located on a central ldap server,
> at the main office, for example. First I thought about replicating this
> global branch to each remote office. Any ideas?
> Thanks.

Wha about running a central meta server which is just proxying your
global users?


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