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Re: Schema generator


Would it be helpfull for a site to be developed that officialy publishes
unoffical schema extensions? IE, register a OpenLDAP 'community' OID
root, and try use it in a semi-controled manner for extensions? If
paticular extensions prove usefull/common, then they could be moved to
either the main OpenLDAP OID space, or a RFC could be written up and
submitted for approvial.

Yes, I think this would be a good idea. Also, there are a lot of schemas floating around, and it would be ok to have a simple repository for them.

THe ones I can think of right now is:
-> SuSEs email schema.
-> samba-tng and samba 2/3's schemas.
-> Radius schema
-> Ispman schema
-> qmails schema
-> midgards schema
-> autofs

These are just the ones I could think of right now. The point is that for a few things today a lot of people create their own schemas (f.x. adding the host or mail attribute to either the inetOrg oc or the account oc).
It would be cool to have one place to browse the schemas in the same way as Alans ldapbrowser.


On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 14:20, Adam Williams wrote:

I think that would actually be pretty kewl!

It would be useful and cool.  But I fear it would only lend to people
making yet MORE schemas, when what we need is fewer schemas and more
cooperation (and fewer people treating LDAP like their RDBMS).

Would anyone find useful a wizard application that guides a user through the process of creating a schema file (ie, objectClasses and supporting attributeTypes)? I've received a feature request for phpLDAPadmin to do just that. Since OpenLDAP doesn't allow modification of the subschema via LDAP, I won't be able to update the schema via the wizard, but I could display the text required to configure the schema manually. Would anyone find this useful?