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openLDAP limits directory entries to 500 !!!

Hi all,
I am ready installing openLDAP 2.x , and I want to migrate system
present in /etc/passwd file. Using the tool migrate_passwd.pl, I
generate the ldif file which include all the users accounts.
Then I go for load it with ldapadd, it runs well until the first 500
entries and it stops.

Since the number of 500 entries is reached, any other entry fails to be
append in the directory
both with ldapadd command line and with PHP script.

Someone know what we goes wrong ? 
Any ideas would be appreciated .

Thierno 6C.

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Subject: RE: enable to include objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient

yes, I got : the maillocaladdress attribute is not defined in your
directory's schema files :)

check if you have a schema file that define it, and check if you include
it in your slapd.conf file

Francois Beretti

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> Objet : enable to include objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient
> Hi all,
> I'm try to add entry which contains objectclass inetLocalMailRecipient

> and attributes : mailLocalAddress, mailRoutingAddress and mailHost in 
> my directory. But it failed with this messages :
> -
> adding new entry "uid=sendmail,ou=S2M,o=sunumail.sn"
> ldapadd: update failed: uid=sendmail,ou=S2M,o=sunumail.sn
> ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17)
>         additional info: maillocaladdress: attribute type undefined
> -
> Someone has an idea of what I do wrong ?
> Think in advance
> Thierno6C
> Newbie openLDAP Admin

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