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RE: Openldap + Solaris + Linux automounter

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> Do you have any idea how bad I hate that answer?

Sometimes life gives us things we hate.

> Of course it applies here. I have an OpenLDAP server. It will
> need soem
> configuration to get it to cooperate with Sun One. Some of that
> configuration is OpenLDAP specific. I'm not asking for advice
> on the Sun One side.
> So yes, it does apply.

The server stores and retrieves the objectclasses and attributes you tell it
to use. Clearly you already know the mechanics of how to specify these
things, since you already have your Linux system working. Beyond the details
of how to actually specify the schema configuration, there's nothing in your
question that is particular to OpenLDAP. The real tricky part of the question
is, what attributes does your Sun One client expect to see, and that is
clearly not dependent on OpenLDAP software, which is the topic this mailing
list is chartered for.

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