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Re: The speed of adding an entry is too slow.

It happened to me that slapd used 99% of CPU with no response ... it was before 2.1.22 and mostly (I presume) because I used a DB_CONFIG file that reserved 300Mbyte (set_cachesize) on my 256 Mbyte machine ! :-(, don't know if it's your case ?

Dieter Kluenter wrote:

"Jay zh" <jayzh@hotmail.com> writes:

Dear :

OpenLDAP version is 2.1.22
Berkeley DB version is 4.1.25 with patch 1

When I use ldapadd to add an entry, it takes 1 min to complete this
operation. Before completing this operation, CPU load is increasing up
to 99%. And the syslog has a lot of "deferring operation" msgs. It
seems to be the lock problem. What should I do to resolve this problem

For me, it takes 0.180 sec to add one entry and 3 min. to add 10,000

Set 'loglevel 0' in slapd.conf and create in your openldap-data
directory a file DB_CONFIG with following contents:
add_flags DB_TXN_NOSYNC


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