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Problems with iPlanet Directory subtree searches

Hi everybody.

I have a problem with a iPlanet 6.5 Directory LDAP. I have the base: ou=ugame, dc=unigame, dc=es.

Under ou=ugame, I have the sub-base: niu=11111, ou=ugame, dc=unigame, dc=es, with several fields.

And under that, I have: perfilce=ATC, niu=11111, ou=ugame, dc=unigame, dc=es with other several fields.

My problem is: I want to do a search with a niu and a perfilce. The searches of one or another alone gives me the fields of ou=ugame(...) or the ones of perfilce=ATC(...), but I can't merge them.

I can't use the rfc 2254 filters nor in the jdbc-ldap bridge, nor in the ldapsearch version of iPlanet. The search &(niu=11111)(perfilce=ATC) give me an error like "Didn't expect perfilce=ATC". And the option -s sub, to make a subtree search in the ou=ugame, doesn't work. Only gives me the dn of the ou=ugame entry.

Anybody knows what's happening here?
Thank you very much.

Daniel Merino