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RE: redhat 9.0 default db4

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> 1. I am using the db4  version that came with RedHat 9.0 distro:
> db4-4.0.14-20 to install openldap-2.0 . I am getting this
> error message
> during make:

> *******
> ldbm.c: In function `ldbm_open':
> ldbm.c:249: structure has no member named `set_malloc'
> *******

OpenLDAP 2.0 is no longer supported. Problem reports for 2.0 will generally
be ignored. Berkeley DB 4.0 is also known to have resource leaks and should
not be used.

For your particular problem, it sounds like something's screwed up in your
db.h header file, as "set_malloc" is only referenced if DB_VERSION_MAJOR ==
3. This version macro should be set in your db.h header file, and would
presumably be set to 4 since you have BDB 4.0.

At any rate, these versions are not recommended for use.

> 2. I also had to use "--without threads". Can anyone tell me
> if redhat
> comes with any rpms that will fix the thread depend? If not what is a
> good rpm to download?

OpenLDAP 2.1.22 is the latest available release, and Berkeley DB 4.1.25 seems
to work well with it. If you want RedHat RPMs I'd imagine that you should ask
someone at RedHat about them. The CDS packages that we provide are built on
RedHat 8, but they'll probably run on 9.

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